Privacy Content for Pay with Amazon

Does Amazon share my address book or payment methods with the merchant?

No. When you look at a web page, the words and pictures that you see may actually come from several sources. Your browser software assembles the pieces and displays them as a single page. On the website you were visiting, most of the content that you saw was transmitted from server computers used by the site's operator. The images and text contained in the Pay with Amazon box was different: we sent it to you directly from Amazon. Because Amazon's servers transmitted the information in the box directly to your browser software, the site owner never saw or received any information about you.

Does Pay with Amazon share any personal information about me with third parties?

We do not share information about you with third parties, except as provided in our Privacy Notice. When you complete your transaction with the merchant, we share the delivery address that you have selected. We will not disclose your financial information to merchants or any person to whom you send money without your consent. For information about how we collect and handle your personal information, please read our Privacy Notice.

What is Pay with Amazon?

Pay with Amazon allows you to make online purchases from participating websites as well as to send money to others online or with text messaging. Your Pay with Amazon account is conveniently linked to your account so you can easily access the same financial information (such as credit cards) and delivery information that you already use to make purchases on When you use Pay with Amazon for the first time, an account will be automatically created and linked to your account. You can review your transactions, add payment methods and manage your account by visiting the Pay with Amazon site.

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