Auto Cancellation - FAQ

What is Auto-Cancellation?

Auto-cancellation is one of the features of Pay with Amazon where an order is automatically cancelled if the seller fails to ship it by 2 days over the Estimated Shipping Date (ESD). As soon as an order is placed, repeated reminders are sent to the seller to ship the customer's order. However, if the seller fails to ship it by the estimate date generated by the system, the system gives a grace period of 2 days to the seller to ship the order, post which the order is automatically cancelled and the money is refunded to the customer.

Why has my order been cancelled without my request?

Pay with Amazon might auto-cancel your order if the selected seller fails to ship the order by the estimated shipping date. A delay in dispatching the product by the estimated shipping date might result in a delayed delivery of the order and a less-than-perfect shopping experience for our customer. To avoid any such inconvenience to our customers, the order is auto-cancelled, allowing the customer to place a fresh order with some other seller.

When will my order be refunded?

If you have paid using netbanking or credit/debit card, your refund will be initiated with your bank as soon as your order is auto-cancelled. Your bank may take 2-4 business days for netbanking purchases and 3-5 business days for credit/debit card purchases to credit the refund amount to your account.

Can I place my order again?

Yes, you can place a new order for the same product.